Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Published on: April 1, 2011
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Droam makes sure mobile operators have no revenue during The Next Web Conference in April in Amsterdam
Droam is the official data roaming partner of The Next Web. TNW, taking place on 27, 28 and 29 april in Amsterdam, is the leading web and mobile conference for entrepreneurs, developers, investors, tech companies, social media strategists and influencers. Because of Droam international delegates of TNW can stay online in the Netherlands at a fraction of the roaming charges they are used to.

Experience Droam
Delegates can experience the ease of use of Droam in the lounge especially created for this occasion. There will be ample opportunities for the international delegates at the conference location to stay online with Droam. Droam has created a specific offer for TNW delegates. 

What is Droam
Droam offers cheap mobile internet abroad for up to 5 smartphones, laptops or tablets, at a truly affordable price. Droam does not use your own mobile phone, so switching sim cards is not required. You can be reached on your own number, even when you’re online. Delegates of TNW stay connected with Droam without worrying about the costs!

Droam founder
Droam was created by Phillip Actor. After receiving two very high data roaming invoices himself, he decided there must be a cheaper way to stay online whilst travelling, hence he created Droam. Soon, many more people desired this solution and have already experienced a decline in data roaming charges up to 90%.


The Next Web Conference 2011

The sixth edition of TNW will take place in Amsterdam this April.  Approximately 1200 delegates, web and mobile professionals, will experience three days of interesting talks, business and fun at The Next Web. The Next Web conference is known as one of the best networking events in Europe. There will be a blend of decision makers from the European & American internet scene, technology entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators, along with venture capitalists, industry journalist, bloggers, and senior level executives. 



'The Next Web is perfect for Droam because of the large amount of international delegates. We can show these delegates our easy, accessible and affordable solution to be online whilst travelling.’

— Phillip Actor