Amsterdam | Gepubliceerd op: 20 september 2011
Droam saves customers approximately 15 million euros in data roaming charges
Droam has helped thousands of customers to lower their mobile data bills. Droam users realise an average saving of € 1500,- per user. That is approximately 15 million Euros since its start in the summer of 2010.
Saving money on behalf of travellers
Droam enables consumers to save effortlessly on their telecom provider’s roaming charges.  Droam charges less than 10 cents per megabyte (MB). Because Droam negotiates contracts with local providers, consumers are no longer dependent on their own telecom provider. Droam users can avoid data roaming altogether and save significantly. 

Dataroaming regulations within the EU
Droam already adheres to Neelie Kroes’ plans to ensure telecom providers can not charge more than 50 cents per MB from 2014. The proposal, that has to be approved by the European Parliament, states that from 1 July 2012 1 MB cannot cost more than 90 cents, from 1 July 2013 not more than 70 cents and a year later not more than 50 cents per MB. 

What is Droam?
Droam offers convenient mobile internet abroad for up to 5 smartphones, laptops or tablets, at a truly affordable price. Droam does not use your own mobile phone, so switching sim cards is not required. You can be reached on your own number, even when you’re online.

Telecom providers are not focusing on reducing data charges and are even increasing current domestic rates. Due to the worldwide increase in demand for mobile internet and our increased brand awareness we have had an extremely busy summer season. We are currently re designing our back office to deal with the increased demand prior to and during the fall and winter vacation season.

— Phillip Actor