Droam big hit at TNW 2011

Local WiFi fails, Droam shines

Droam is the official data roaming partner at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam and a big hit thanks to the failing local WiFi. The huge amount of visitors trying to connect with the WiFi can't be handled by the local networks, which shows how vulnerable an open WiFi network can be. Droam profits from failing WiFi with a lot of sales at the Droam booth. Droam also launched their new website and look and feel. Part of the website is a movie that explains how Droam works.

Droam is the official data roaming partner at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.
Droam’s attendance at TNW conference is a big hit, lots of international attendees are online through a Droam and its Droamgirls, walking around like local hotspots.  How vulnerable an open WiFi connection can be, is shown during the start of the conference, when the local network failed. A lot of spontanious requests for Droam caused a lack of stock at noon. 

Droam also presented its new website and style at TNW. Part of this is the so called 'explanimation', a movie that explains how Droam works. The Droam movie, that lasts exactly 60 seconds, is based on the '60 seconds principle' that proved peope are willing to invest in receiving a message. This explanimation was also the base of the new look and feel for Droam.

What is Droam, and how does it work?
The device, called Droam, creates a wireless connection with the internet. Droam converts this into a WiFi signal which can be used with up to 5 devices at once. Connect your laptop, mobile phone, gameconsole, tablet and iPad. Droam is used next to the mobile phone, so you still can be reached on your own number. Shortly: Droams works, simply and makes data roaming affordable. 

Droam's advantages

• Ideal for travellers
• Practically worldwide coverage
• Connection with 5 devices
• No contract changes\
• Transparant costs, no surprises
• Servicedesk available 24/7


For further infromation and images, please contact Droam BV, Barbara Gravesteijn, Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1070 AC  Amsterdam, (+31)20 240 24 70, e-mail barbara@droam.nl

" ‘We received many requests in the past few months about how Droam works and we wanted to address these requests. A local company, in60seconds have created a great and comprehensive explanimation we are very happy with. " Phillip Actor
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    Barbara Barnes-Gravesteijn

    Barbara Strozzilaan 201
    1083 HN Amsterdam
Over Droam

Wat is Droam?
Droam biedt grenzeloos goedkoop mobiel internet in het buitenland. Zo voorkom je hoge data roaming kosten met onaangename telefoonrekeningen achteraf. Droam is te huur voor verblijf in het buitenland tijdens een vakantie of zakenreis om altijd online te kunnen zijn.

What is Droam?

Droam enables you to stay online at your foreign destination, at a fraction of the cost that you are accustomed to. Cheap mobile internet abroad, made possible by a combination of a MiFi that connects up to 5 smartphones, laptops or tablets, and a SIM card that provides data roaming at a truly affordable price. Droam does not use your own mobile phone, so switching SIM cards is not required. You can be reached on your own number, even when you’re online. Stay connected with Droam without worrying about the costs!